Spicy Egg Lime CodFish

egg-cod-fish wyn

  • cut green onions (3)
  • plenty of lime jiuce (reconstituted Lime Juice)
  • plenty of butter (real one)
  • crushed red peppers
  • paprika
  • dill weed spice (or similar kind)
  • three eggs (wisp and a little dab of egg sweetener or sugar)
  • olive oil
  • Codfish

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Simple Coffee Latte


Pour desired amount of coffee in your cup. If it’s cold, heat it up (increase timer because creamer and latte will cool it off quickly), then pour creamer, stir the cup, then pour latte. I’m cheap when it comes to coffee, so I like to use the typical brand by International Delight.

Personally, Folgers is not my cup of tea so I prefer the Honduran coffee or Dunkin Doughnut you can get from any grocery stores. My choice of flavors are vanilla and caramel. Enjoy! ❤

 Photo by the author.