AmeeroseHello, there. I am a KJV Bible believer of Jesus Christ. I do not consider myself a Republican or a conservative as both parties are capable of corruption and have done so. I consider myself a free-thinker and despite my incessant sinful nature, I value and hold the Bible as true authority of our world. All of us have the right to our opinions. But when politics and faith become conflicted, I only hope we can disagree peacefully and still respect each other.

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I am rather a private person but I can tell you I enjoy composing music and playing the piano (nothing on professional level), reading, taking photos, and casual video-gaming. Since I don’t really know what to blog here, I’ve decided to, in the mean time, share Biblical encouragements and studies to get me started.  I hope some articles of mine will intrigue or amuse you. Please enjoy your stay. If you need to get ahold of me, contact me on Twitter.