Spicy Egg Lime CodFish

egg-cod-fish wyn

  • cut green onions (3)
  • plenty of lime jiuce (reconstituted Lime Juice)
  • plenty of butter (real one)
  • crushed red peppers
  • paprika
  • dill weed spice (or similar kind)
  • three eggs (wisp and a little dab of egg sweetener or sugar)
  • olive oil
  • Codfish

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Make sure you have something to do in the kitchen because this is a slow-cooking recipe. First thing first: if the codfish is frozen, thaw it out. While it's thawing, cut three green onions to tiny pieces. Wisp three eggs and put aside with the green onions.

Next, pour generous amounts of olive oil and plenty of butter in frying pan and set the heat on high low before the next level becomes medium. Put generous amount of butter in bowl and microwave it for like 20 seconds. Soak the codfish in plenty of butter and lime (lots of lime mostly). Let it sit there for few minutes.

Pour half the wisp egg all over the codfish before putting it on the frying pan. After the fish is covered in eggs, put the cod in the frying pan and toss the rest of the eggs in it as well. Sprinkle plenty of Dill Weed spice, paprika, and crushed red peppers. After few minutes, toss the fish on its other side and sprinkle spice, paprika, and red peppers again.


I like to stab the fish all over so the heat can be absorbed and help the fish being cooked thoroughly. Every few minutes, flip the fish on its other side, add desired amount of lime, and repeat until you feel confident it’s done. Enjoy! ❤


Photos by the author.