VCY AMERICA: Are the Days of Lot Upon Us?

The following entry is an excerpt transcript from the VCY AMERICA (Crosstalk) radio station. Recorded on September 06, 2016, VCY AMERICA (CROSSTALK)  host, Jim Schneider (JS), and his guest, Peter LaBarbera (PL), discussed about LGBT and transgender issues.

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JS: And we thank you for joining us on Crosstalk here on VCY America. Ladies and gentlemen, the Bible tells us, in Luke chapter 17, “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall be also in the days, of the son of man…they did eat, they drank, they married wives. They were given marriage until the day Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. ”  Likewise, also as it was in the days of Lot, they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builted, but the same day that Lot went out of Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from Heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus, so shall it be in that day, when the Son of man is revealed.

It really begs the question, ladies and gentlemen. Are the days of Lot upon us? Certainly, we live in times in which “good is called evil and evil is called good.” The characteristics of the society that surrounded Lot are ever so upon us, and we’re going to be discussing some of those matters today. Matter of fact, we’re encouraging if you have children around that need to be occupied by……Now, folks, we need to be understanding of the times in which we live. And as a watchman on the wall, sometimes, we have to talk about things that, uh……those that are warning before us. The messages that were given, were warning to Lot. The messages of warning that perhaps proceded from Noah’s lips before judgement fell. Joining us today is Peter LaBarbera, the founder and President of “Americans for Truth About Homosexuality”.  Peter, thank you so much for joining us.

PL: Hey, thank you, Jim. It’s great to be on again.

JS: Peter, before we get into our topics today, first of all, we would like to mention that a pro-family conservative leader has passed away. Phyllis Schlafly passed away yesterday at the age of 92. Is she considered an icon who would not back down on the face of opposition? …..She‘s spent 70 years in public service of her fellow Americans. She fought for the protection of the American family. And Peter LaBarbera, your thoughts as it pertains to Phyllis Schlafly and her death yesterday, she did a lot for the conservative-movement across this nation.

PL: Well, Jim, Phyllis Schlafly was an icon. She was an American original. She was “principled” and stood for truth. When others had caved, and by doing so, she really perserved moral truth in America. And also freedom for decades. And many of the things she predicted, came true…….and that precisely has come true……the homosexual and the transgender agenda is all about calling “unequal things equal” and then, using government power to oppress people to conform to this political correctness, which is not based upon Biblical truth.

JS: Yes, certainly, decades ago, she stood up, fought for, and virtually, single-handily at that time, she was the one of many champion around her, to fight the equal-rights amendment. And now, we see full circle coming around where, again, the forcing upon us of putting women on the front-line of the military.  But, it’s gone beyond that today… it relates to the whole LGBT. The debate that’s going forth today. But, Phyllis Schlafly certainly, a pro-family icon, that has stood to test the time in fighting for traditional values; of fighting for. And being a champion for family values across this nation.

And she did pass away yesterday. And, Peter, I know she–her leadership will surely be missed by many who looked to her as being a champion for family values.

LP: Yeah, absolutely, Jim. I was reminded by an email this morning that Phyllis Schlafly predicted that there would come a time, when, in the name of equality, men would be allowed to enter womens’ public restrooms and locker rooms. She predicted that! And, I think her most important legacy is that she stood for truth no matter what came! And, I think we need that sort of courage today! We need people to say, “I’m going to follow God! I’m not going to follow mens’ folly! I’m gonna follow the word of God and stand for truth no matter what comes!”

JS: Peter LaBarbera, we mentioned at the beginning of the program, “the Days of Lot”,  do you believe we’re fast approaching those times?

PL: Well, it seems so, Jim. I’m not one to say, “you know, the end of the world is coming” when given time and all that. I think we’ve seen some errors along the ways when Christians do that. Cause, the Bible forbids that. But, clearly, we see the signs all around us, Jim. I mean–it’s just well beyond confusion. We see this incredible rebellion of men, you know. Men thinks that he can create his own reality! And, it’s the saddest thing to see people committed to sin, and not caring at all  what about the council of God’s word. And I think our nation, as a people, we pushed God to the side, and we are seeing the result of that. And it’s not pretty.

It’s a lot of sin upon, sin upon, and it’s all built upon and we see–for an example, on the homosexual so-called marriage issue, Jim, we see people saying, “oh, because the courts say so!” That’s going to guide me into thinking this is okay. Not  understanding that, no court, supersedes the word of God and the authority of the Scripture!

JS: Peter, we’re gonna talk about number of issues today. We’ve mentioned Phyllis Schlafly in her standing up on these issues and you said that she said, one day, we’re gonna see men in womens’ restrooms. That is going on as we speak. We have corporate America, uh, Target for instance, who jumped up and said, “we wanna be a part of this.” The backlash has been so significant that now, they’re going to spend 20million dollars to put in single-locked door restrooms to each of their stores. But, their policies has not changed at all!  Men can still–who wish to identify as women or claim they are–go into womens’ restrooms and locker rooms and so forth. But, Target is perhaps a classic example of what Phyllis warned about many years ago!

PL: Yes, absolutely. And what strikes me about Target, Jim, is that they’re building the restrooms–the unisex restrooms–or whatever you call those the “family-restrooms”.  Anybody can go in. But, they’re doing that because of the public pressure. People, like my family, we stopped going to Target all together. I haven’t gone to Target in months and neither has my wife. And she liked the Target stores! Target made this change under pressure from the boycott that the American Family Associations started. But, rather than saying, “okay, we have these family restrooms that’s going to be available to these so-called transgender or whoever wants to use them.” They said that special bathrooms are for us! But, they’re still allowing men to enter womens’ private spaces, womens’ restrooms; but they are also building these private restrooms. So, you know, it’s ridiculous! They’re keeping the same policy, they’re trying to appease everybody!

JS: Target has not changed their policy: They’re gonna spend 20 million dollars to put in these restrooms, but they’ve not changed their policy. Target stock has gone down, but they’re still not gonna change their policy. The public has risen up against them. But, they are not going to change their policy! It’s very interesting to observe what’s going to take place there and I guess we’ll have some more responses to give to the stockholders in times to come. But, Peter, we’re gonna move onto another issue that broke last week, that was just so astounding to so many of us …..

Here’s the headline: The Department of Justice, a transgender sensitivity video tells police to let men into womens’ washroom. It’s a new transgender sensitivity video, as put out by the Department of Justice. And it’s instructing police officers, across this nation, how to deal with complaints about men using womens’ restrooms. And, it goes far as ask people, do you wanna be called sir or ma’am? The Department of Justice is making this video available to train law enforcement personnel in essence to capitulate to this political correctness going on in this regard.

PL: Yeah, absolutely, Jim. We also got this entire DOJ video on our website, “Americans for truth dot com”. We worked on the transcript. We made it–we improved it upon Youtube transcipt and it’s all there. You can see it at our website. You’re absolutely right, Jim. It’s the most amazing thing the–Obama is obsessed with the homosexual agenda and especially it seems, the transexual agenda. And, you just have to watch this video to believe it’s happenng! It’s like, the police now, had become propaganda agents, change agents; or, this radical homosexual, bisexual, transgender agenda!

And the scene of the bathroom is, they have this mother–of course, she’s played by a cop–this mom holding a baby, and she complains about uh, she saw a man enter the womens’ restroom. And so, the police come over to the situation and they meet the transexual, this man who wants to be a woman, and he’s dressed as a woman in a dress. He asked her and she said, “oh…” And he–I say, he really, it’s[sic] not a she–and the person says, “oh, I just wanted to use the restroom.” And the police said, “oh, okay”, and that everything is fine. In another words, they’re using the video to train police to say that it’s no problem for a man to enter a womens’ restroom! Even though, that’s not the law of land in every state! I mean, some states are allowing that. They’re not allowing that in North Carolina if I’m correct. Right, Jim?

JS: That’s correct.

PL: It’s a federal video, which is basically encouraging people to, I guess, facilitate the breaking of the law.

JS: Yeah, and that’s what’s going on, is totally the desensitization that is going on. And we’re going to get to the schools as well, but it’s happening in the schools. It’s happening now in professional training for law enforcements all across this nation. It’s a sensitivity video telling police to let men into womens’ washroom, or to–it deals with different scenarios–traffic stops who are–or one who has been a victim of some type of abuse that has taken place.

But, Peter, it is–the highest law enforcement agency in our land, the United States Department of Justice, a cabinet-level position from the Obama Administration that is putting this thing forth. And again, it’s to make the “abnormal” look normal!

PL: Yes, and Jim, we know how this works. Unfortunately, Obama understands that he has tremendous powers. And he has, you know, he has appointed over three–more than three hundred–federal judges. Not just talkng about the Supreme Court, of course. Federal judges! Obama has made immense change in the landscape of America just by his appointment and his actions of his various departments. He has homosexualized the military. He transexualized the military, Jim. And I remembered seeing  a video on one of those conserative [web]site about John–Senator McCain–saying, “we’re gonna have hearings on transexuals in the military”. But, Jim, I don’t think, not only were there ever no senate hearings. Were there any House hearings, on this huge change; another big change, like transgenderism in the military? Was there any hearings on that the Republicans called?

JS: You know, Peter, I am not familiar with that. Or, nor, was there a call for pulling all funding from the Department of Defense for instituting such programs. I mean, the House holds the purse rings, but, I guess, they never secured those strings, for those with family values.

PL: Right, and same thing on this DOJ video, Jim. There could be House hearing, or, there could be senate hearing. The Republicans are suppose to be the opposition party. But, they’re all… Obama. It seems as if they are scared to confront–even the transexual issues, which has immense public support, as testified by this Target boycott–we know there’s a lot of understanding on this! And people are just outraged by all this crazy talk of pregnant men…

JS: More after this break, this is Crosstalk.

JS: You’re listening to Crosstalk on VCY America. Peter LaBarbera is with us today from “Americans For Truth About Homosexuality”.  And his website is Americans for Truth dot com. And today’s topic is–the question–are the days of Lot upon us? We’re talking about some of the issues that are going on today. Certianly, we know that there was great perversion that was during the time of Lot. And folks, we are living in the time of great perversion today as well. Peter, we talked about what’s coming forth from the Obama Administration.

And, as a matter of fact, as we take a look even at the platfroms and policies that has come forth–that the party the President Obama is exemplifying here today–has gone full stride and going full strength after promoting uh, an agenda, to facilitate the LGBT agenda. And, we’re seeing it take place through education system–we’ll still talk about that–but through the military we’re seeing it take place. We’re seeing it through the Department of Justice, we’re seeing it–such thing as the “DOJ pride”–we’re seeing it come up through many different cabinet-levels as well. Even the whole aspect of the housing in urban development hud and so forth. But this really been the hallmark through the party that is represented by President Obama!

PL: Yes, absolutely, Jim. I’m calling the Democratic Party, the party of abortion and homosexualism. They’re sold out through the homosexual activism and now, the transgender agenda. And, Jim, we have to make clear that the transgender agenda is merely, sort of, one branch of homosexualism. And the Democrats have sold out. You rarely hear a Democrat anymore who challenges any aspect of this agenda. And, so, I guess we have a choice in this campaign, between parties that have wholly embraced it and parties like the Republicans–which, I think, they’re starting to go down that road, but not nearly as much as the Democrats.

JS: And Peter, let me talk about that for a moment because, and I know I’m gonna make some of you upset here today. But folks, again, as a watchman on the wall, we have to blow the trumpet when we see danger that is approaching! And despite the fact that may go against the tide of our times–and political correctness–we need to make you aware of this! For instance, it was just brought out recently in the development of what’s called, the “Trump Pride” men’s t-shirt. “LGBTQ for Trump”! A t-shirt, “show your pride and support for Trump with this exclusive quality tee!”

What alarms so many, Peter, is that it says, “it’s paid for by ‘Trump-Make America Great Again Committee’, a joined-fund-raising committee authorized by and composed of Donald J. Trump for President Incorporated and The Republican National Committee.”

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