VCY AMERICA: Are Mosques Muslim Churches? Islam in America

The following entry is an excerpt transcript from the VCY AMERICA (Crosstalk) radio station. Recorded on January 19th, 2017, VCY AMERICA (CROSSTALK) host, Jim Schneider (JS) and his guest, John Guandolo (JG), discussed about Islam in America.

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[JS] And welcome to Crosstalk here on the VCY American Network. We have a very important topic today. Ladies and gentlemen, as we are living in a time when it’s politically incorrect to reveal the true teachings of Islam, we’re told Islam’s just another religion. In many political leaders, on both sides, I’ll present that mantra: Islam is a “religion of peace. “ And it’s not just coming from politicans. It’s coming from many religions as well and religious leaders! But despite this never-ending advertising slogan, attacks, stabbings, bombings, rapes, and killings, are in the increase–even as building a mosque is on the increase.

Is there a correlation to these things?  Has Islam obtained the foothold in the United Sates that will only advance and not relent? Are we living–be living in time a new era as Administration changes in Washington? Will there be a change in Islam? Will there be a change in a way that those who are following the teachings of the Islam–are they going to side step their important issues and agenda in light of the new Administration?

We’re here to discuss the matters with us today is John Guandolo. He’s a counter-terrorism expert, a former FBI agent assigned to counter-terrorism division who actually created and implemented the FBI’s first counter-terrorism training. He’s a founder of understanding the threat dot com and also author of “Raising a Jihadi Generation”.  John, nice to have you back here on Crosstalk.

[JG] Thank you so much for having me. It’s great to be back.

[JS] We’re going to be talking about just some general things here on Islam but then transition into what’s happening politically-speaking now as we have this change happening within the Administration. And let’s just understand some very basic points here to begin with:  We heard it from [former] President Obama’s lips, “Islam means peace”. Further, he and other political leaders remark, “Islam is a religion of peace“. Happens on both sides of the aisle so let’s define this before we enter the discussion today. Does Islam mean “peace“? Are we talking about a peaceful religion?

[JG] Well, actually, Islam means “submission“. And a muslim is one who submits to Islam and to submit to Islam, is to submit to allah, the god of Islam…according to them. And to submit to allah, is to submit to his law, sharia. That’s it. And the reason that in elementary, junior-high, and high school textbooks in the middle-east, in Europe, in North America, in Islamic schools that they teach, that the jihad is an obligation. And, as a matter of fact, the President of Turkey just said he’s going to make a compulsory for them to teach jihad in all Turkish schools. It’s because that’s what Islam requires. That the jihad is required until the entire world is under sharia law. And that’s not only comes out of the qur’an. That comes out of the example of their prophet Muhammad. He is a according to the qur’an, which is the uncreated word of God, the most perfect example of a man.

And to quote the qur’an, he’s a beautiful pattern of conduct for all muslims to follow for all ages. So when we see him fighting and slaying unbelievers and subjugating and enslaving people, and taking captives, and torturing people; and doing the things we see muslim doing today around the wnorld, there is no basis to say that’s un-Islamic behavior. Now, on the other side of it, Islam does say that when the entire world is under a global-state caliphate, under sharia law, then you’ll have “peace”, which is why jihad…when the whole world is under Islamic rule, there will be no more need for jihad. So when these basic things that I’m sharing are understood, then actually, the problem we face actually simplify.

We need to understand that it’s the teaching of Islam that is causing the behavior we’re seeing. And we have to put in context that in the Islamic world: you cannot go farther than you’re able to go with success. So, you can’t go to far too fast. That’s a crime. And it’s a captial crime because you bring “heat” if you will, you bring trouble onto the muslim community if you go too far too fast. So it’s a slow incremental roll to get nations from wherever they are into accepting sharia first, getting used to the idea of sharia, and then implementing sharia. And that’s what you’re watching around the world, including in the United Sates.

[JS] Yeah, and at the same time, we’re watching the proliferation of mosques around the world and we’re witnessing it here  in the United States. We’re often told mosques are simply “muslim churches” in a same sense as there are Baptist Church, Bible Churches and so on and so forth. Are they?

[JG]  The short answer is no. And I think, if somebody believes that to be true, then they have a fundamental lack of understanding of Islam. So, Islam–as I just said–Islam defines itself as a complete way of life: social, cultural, military, political, religious. All governed by Islamic law, sharia. So the all of the society is…to sharia. The mosque is a center of the Islamic society. Which means, it’s the place where the government seat is for the community. It’s the place where sharia is adjudicated. It is a place where Islam is taught, it’s a place where a community gathers. It’s a place where battles are planned. It’s a place where water, food, weapons and ammunitions are stored. It’s a place where from battles are launched.   That’s what historically has been. Because that’s how Muhammad used the first mosque in Medina. And he’s the perfect example. So that’s what a mosque is. Oh, by the way, they do pray there.

[JS] On the side note, yeahSo, Muhammad used the very first mosque in Medina for those things like holding ammunitions, weapons, and planning battles?

[JG] Yes, and launching the battle. Because it’s the center of the Islamic community. Where else would they do it? And so when I get questions from people who say, “hey, there’s a mosque going up”, I just did a training program in Arziona–as I always do for the three-day law enforcement program–and I ask, “how many of you ever seen a mosque under construction?” and a couple of police officers raised their hands and said, “we got one going up right over here.” And I said,  “well, you just described to me the ground-level structure.”

And the guy said, “it looks like they’re building an embassy.” He said the ground floor’s probably  forty inches thick. A concrete with reinforced rebar. I’m like, “right! And why is that? Because it is an embassy to them!” It’s much more an embassy than it is as a church. And when they build a mosque, they are claiming territory and according to them, some people would say a nine-square block–meaning, middle-eastern block–it’s essentially a three-mile radius around the mosque. You can draw a circle and they’re claiming that approximate territory. And it comes again from the example of prophet Muhammad. So, they’re claiming territory. So, if your listeners want to know, “why did they build a hundred-million-dollar mosque in a place where they’re aren’t enough muslims to even begin to fill that place?”  The answer’s cause that’s not their intent. Their itent is to claim the ground and then, they will proceed to occupy the ground.

And this is basic Islamic teachings. And the thing that’s amazing–I just had a conversation with a pastor this morning. I started sharing some of this. You could see his head was about to explode because it was completely contrary to what he understood! And I ask him, “where did you get your knowledge?” And he said, “from the muslims that I talk to.” I said, “well, there ya go!”

[JS] Well, we all have these nice “meet your neighbors” seminars going on in libraries across countries “meet your muslim neighbors” and, matter of fact, even after the inauguration, their communities that are planning these “meet your muslim neighbor-type events” in places around the country. John, your collegue, Chris–he’s been on Crosstalk, a dymanite guest–he actually went into mosques across the United States, posing as a muslim, what did he discover? …He verfied what you’re talking about here!

[JG] Right. Yeah, he went into many mosques and actually did his quote on quote conversion, although he actually never converted into Islam for real, like in his heart. He did it as part of his undercover work…he went into mosque and looked at what they were teaching and how it related to the violence that was actually being taught. So, he looked at the level of sharia adherence and what that relationship to visible sharia adherence was to what kind of level of violence that was being taught. And he saw that there was one to one correlation between where sharia was being taught and the violence that could be found in the text…

There’s a one to one correlation and it’s a very scientific study that was done under mapping sharia without an H. Very scientific. I know law enforced organizations and when I show it to them, you can actually use parts of that survey as statements or fact..the other thing, besides all the work he did undercover, he actually worked on a mosque survey project for the muslim brotherhood! It was published by Hummus[?] in two-thousand-eleven. Through that, he was working at mosques and looking at what they were doing and stuff like that. And there’s an inconsistency that what is being taught inside mosques’ Islamic centers in the United Sates, for the most part, meaning, eighty to eighty some percent of these places are teaching the same thing that isis and al qaeda teach! … It’s a requirement to wage jihad until the entire world is under Islamic state.

[JS] One more thing here about the mosques. The government in Culpeper Virginia, have turned down an application to build a mosque–what is happening there?

[JG] That’s an interesting story because Culpeper has been–and this is something again for your listeners to digest–is any time that there’s been a concentrated-area, be it city or county–where there’s a movement by citizens and elected-officials and law enforcements to actually understand this threat, the muslim brotherhood gets the Department of Justice to go after and the muslim brotherhood will build up a significant operational plan to deal with it and call Culpeper…

[JS] John, we were talking about the issues pertaining to Culpeper Virginia. The city council said,”we’re turning down this application from us” just like you said they turned down for other buildings going down there. They would not take “no” for answer.

[JG] Right. Because they want the fight. They want the confrontation because they want the legal action because so many jurisdictions around the country, take the attitude: you know, let’s just surrender. Because this is too tough. It’s easier to just surrender than have to deal with these people and so that’s what we’re going to do: give them what they want, they’ll stop bothering us. They always want more. It’s amazing to me to watch how the muslim leadership goes about kinda what they do: which is aggressively pursue what they want and disregard anything else.

[JS] So, is there a final outcome yet or is this still in court?

[JG] No, I mean, what’s interesting is it looks–because DOJ’s Civil Rights Division came down to hammer Culpeper and the  latest–it looks like the DOJ’s not gonna continue with their legal effort because Culpeper showed–“look, we’ve denied these, we’ve told them when they purchased it, they had an issue with the drainage and we’re not gonna approve it.” And the DOJ couldn’t go further with it. So, that’s done.

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