YouTube Heroes: The Real Motive?


If you’re a Youtuber or a regular visitor, you may have discovered a new program YT is implementing. While its nature is in the beta testing as I type this, but this “YT hero” thing seems more nefarious than innocuous from what I know so far.

If you want to know what YT Heroes is, just watch this official video. This whole hero thing is asking to be abused, and it will be abused. So, you might be wondering: this thing is so stupid. Why would YT do such a dumb program? Never mind the fact YT’s gone from hero to villain. Never mind the fact YT doesn’t hire enough staff to deal with customer support. I believe the motive is through political reasons. Since Google endorses Hillary Clinton, Google wants to censor those who oppose. And what best way to do that without getting caught? Finding scapegoats. Here’s how it works.

First, Google is a multi-billion-dollars company. Do you honestly think they’re that stupid? Of course they would have the same common sense and understand this could get really ugly, but there’s no concern for that. Also, it’s not just censoring the political oppositions, but for any oppositions that goes against its interest in present and future.

Just prior to this new feature, YT has threatened to demonized videos that it finds unfriendly for ad-related issues.

With the way the world is, Obama has divided the American nation greatly. Now’s the time to take advantage of the unrest while no one (it seems) is able to debate without acting like big babies. TrigglyPuff ring a bell?  Let’s say hypothetically, I’m one of the big guys at Google. Contrarily, we don’t want to waste money on customer supports, but with the YouTube Heroes, we can get youtubers to do our jobs for us…and for free! This thing is rather brilliant! But the program does not accept all applicants. So, I could hire a team (under Google’s wings and not just any team) to create multiple sock puppets and treat them as if they’re all different individuals and add them with the legit applicants, right? Meanwhile, there’s another set of team to search for videos who oppose Google’s agendas and ideology and take actions accordingly full throttle. If Google gets caught or suspicion arises, they could say it’s the individual youtubers who flagged those political controversial videos and deleted comments that deemed “inappropriate”.  This is all mere coincidence! Not our fault! It’s them, not us! After all, we don’t manipulate the search algorithm.  *wink, wink*

Remember, what deems inappropriate to you, may not be to others. This is why Google needs to be more clear. To some, Trump is a hero, but to others, not likely. The real nature of YT Heroes is for Google to remove contents/comments it doesn’t like and to make sure it doesn’t get caught, get suckers to not only help (like radical SJW), but blame them if they do.

Secondly, they made this is into a game by each interaction, you’ll earn points to level up. No doubt the dedicated will flag and remove comments inappropriately for the sake of leveling up. I swear, this is like a SJW’s wet dream: to mass flag videos and delete comments they find offensive! But, you may say, but people already flag videos, your conspiracy theory is pretty far-fetched. Could be. But, one, political videos doesn’t go against YT’s policy and rarely such video gets removed. And two, maybe Google wants to target specific youtubers and there’s not enough viewers to flag their videos so they created this.

It doesn’t surprise me others share the same sentiment–not about the theory–about the Heroes thing in general. See for yourself:



See? Google is not stupid like with the The Fine Bro’s fiasco. I honestly think my theory could have some valuable points (no pun-intended). I only wish I could explain it in a more articulate way to be more convincing, but oh, well. With that all being said, I want to add we can thank Facebook for destroying the word, “friend” and now we can thank YT for destroying the word, “hero” as well.

 UPDATE: Apparently, YT tries to be sneaky and recanted silently by editing some words. Nice try, asshole.